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Who can apply for Virtual Trunk Services?

All companies registered in Singapore are allow to subscribe to our services.

How long does it take to activate my service?

Upon receiving completed application, it will take about 3 working days for us to programme and update our system.

Can I use TCE’s SIM for my mobile phone?

The SIM card can only be use for Virtual Trunk’s services.

What are the value added services that I can subscribe?

For a start we have Priority Call. For selected models will have photo, video facility, GPS, event logging and many others features.

Do you offer an integrated dispatch console?

Yes, Virtual Trunk services supports dispatch handling through a Windows-based PC console or via any SmartPhone device. Key function is to manage PTT calls & Text messages from the console to the field user, monitoring group calls and showing the GPS location of subscribers.

What is Priority Call?

Handset with this service can interrupt conversation to talk. It cost $5 to subscribe.

Will I be charged for data?

All sign up will be given 500mb usage, you can choose to subscribe to your own preferred Telco Data Card. SIM Data card is only to be used for our service only.

I have problem with my service, where can I get Help?

Please refer to User Manual or refer to FAQ, alternatively to call Customer Service at +65 6612 5050.

How can I find out when my service contract end?

Please call Customer Service at +65 6612 5050.

How can I change my plans and value added services?

Please call Customer Service at +65 6612 5050, they will be able to assist you.

How do I terminate my services?

You need to send us a written request 1 month in advance for termination of services. For more assistance, please call Customer Service at +65 6612 5050.