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What is IP Radio

It is an Internet Protocol Radio (IP Radio) Which is android based, it works like a mobile phone with the function of a two-way radio. It is an island-wide walkie talkie which allows islandwide communication.

Who is Virtual Trunk

It is the latest Island wide trunk radio technology that use cellular network as the backbone for transmission.

Where will my IP Radio phone work?

Virtual Trunk-Powered Solution offers broad access to 4G LTE, 4G HSPA+, 3G, and Wi-Fi networks providing island wide communcation.

Can my IP Radio interoperate with LMR or PMR systems?

Yes, IP radios interoperate with LMR and PMR via SIP Gateway ACU interoperability gateways and donor radios.

What is the advantage over conventional island wide trunk radio?

Conventional Trunk have limited indoor coverage and it is very costly to build indoor coverage. With Telco indoor building coverage in Singapore is more than 96% (IDA survey Q4/2014 of 60 building) and in tunnel is more than 95%.

Will my IP Radio service work in overseas?

VT hardware is designed to interoperate with all major Telco carriers. For overseas usage, Wi-Fi is an option as well as local Data SIM card

What are my PTT handset options?

Virtual Trunk offer a broad range of industry like ruggedized for field use that has superior speaker sound output quality similar to conventional Walkie Talkie. Other handset feature include IP68 Certified, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof.

Can I make phone call?

You cannot make external call, with data card, you make duplex call within your group. (Handset dependant)

Can I get PTT Calls on overseas trip?

Yes, whenever your terminal is connected to roaming Telco network or wifi, your services remain and you can operate your business as you are in your own country.

Where can I buy the equipment and subscribe?

You can approach our reseller or call us at +65 66125050, we will be glad to assist you.