Priority Calls in Virtual Trunk​

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Companies who use walkie talkies in their daily operations often cite fast, reliable communication as one of the many reasons why these devices are superior to other forms of communication. This is mainly because they are developed to work well in time sensitive environments where the slightest hiccup or untimely transmission of information can lead to fatal incidents.


The Need for Speed:
Team leaders are heavily relied upon to ensure that operations run smoothly. They accomplish this by always having a big picture view of the entire operation. When problems occur, team leaders need to quickly alert teams and direct them to the problem. Faster reaction times reduce losses and the probability of fatal incidents happening.​ However, with multiple users communicating simultaneously, it is difficult for team leaders to broadcast important messages as it will often be interrupted. This severely hinders team leaders’ ability to coordinate their teams in emergency situations 

Priority Calls:
Hence, Priority Calls was engineered into the Virtual Trunk application to circumvent this issue. System administrators will assign a high priority number to an account created for team leaders, allowing team leaders’ walkie talkies to mute all communications whenever they press the PTT button on their device to talk to the group. This means that when there is a need to relay important messages, team leaders are assured that it will be heard by the group.

Production Lines:
Production lines sometimes require multiple teams to manage different stages of the lines. These lines are often cascading- earlier stages have an effect on later ones. For example, in automobile manufacturing, parts such as fasteners have to be precisely torqued to the engine block.​ If torque settings of a fastening machine is detected, team leaders, through Priority Calling can stop all ongoing communications and ensure that teams are well informed of the problem and begin checks on engine blocks.