Advent of IP Gateways in Radio Communication​

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The introduction of IP gateways allows organization leaders to connect to ground operations anytime, anywhere

In an earlier blog we mentioned our mission to provide clients with better value by proactively exploring advancing technologies in radio communications, and why we partnered with Virtual Trunk to accomplish this. In this blog, we will introduce Virtual Trunk’s IP gateway solution and how it enables radio communications to handle the demands of modern-day business operations.

What is Virtual Trunk’s IP Gateway?

Virtual Trunk’s IP Gateway solution is built on the principles of modularity and versatility. It can be integrated to any conventional 2-way radio system such as Costly Secured Tetra System or even your current iDen network, enabling intra and inter organisation communications features that were previously challenging to achieve. Crucially, this is done cost-effectively with little disruption to daily operations.

How It Works

Suppose your company currently utilises a standard 2-way radio system. This communication channel can only communicate with walkie talkie holders who are physically located within the area. 

However, if a new business use case requires communication outside the area, or a potential business partner is located away from your place of operation, you will have to hire a vendor to rebuild your system, incurring high costs and long lead times to deploy the new system. 

For example, construction sites require 2-way radio communications as cellular radio are not always robust enough to transmit signals reliably, especially underground. Traditionally, this means that offsite personnel such as consultants cannot efficiently work on pressing issues such as an underground leakage. 

Virtual Trunk’s solution removes all this hassle, only requiring the addition of an IP gateway and smart devices that tag onto your current system, allowing people to communicate securely from any location.

Wonders of Virtual Trunk’s IP Gateway

There are many other examples of how Virtual Trunk’s IP gateway solution can bring your communication capabilities to the next level, but essentially, it is a simple and easy to implement solution for companies to:

  1. bridge existing communication system with otherorganisations
  2. segregate internal teams/departments within one system
  3. communicate with personnel without geographical limitations